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Word meanings through linguistic roots

Decoding language with powerful root knowledge

Roots are the fundamental building blocks of many words. They come from other languages, usually classical ones like Latin and ancient Greek.

Roots are important because they help us decipher a word’s spelling and meaning. Spelling is not just about memorization; roots will help you to understand the words you’re spelling!

Introductory Roots in Greek

1. Graph = to write: graphic, autograph
2. Bio = life: Biology, probiotic
3. Hydr = water: hydrant, dehydrated
4. Tele = far away: telescope, television
5. Geo = earth: geode, geology
6. Thermo = heat: thermometer, thermostat
7. Acro = high: acrobat, acronym
8. Phon = sound: phonics, symphony
9. Astro = star: Astronaut, astronomy
10. Auto = self: automobile, automatic

Introductory Roots in Latin

1. Cred = to believe: credit, incredible
2. Voc = voice: advocate, vocalize
3. Struct = to build: construction, structural
4. Aud = to hear: audience, auditorium
5. Vis = to see: visual, invisible
6. Terr = land: territory, terrestrial
7. Sci = to know: science, conscious
8. Vac = empty: vacant, evacuate
9. Tract = to pull: tractor, subtract
10. Cent = one hundred: percent, century

Roots of the Week